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EVchip delivers a system solution based on a chip and algorithm that monitors and controls a battery pack while in charging, discharging and resting conditions. The technology makes use of proprietary integrated circuits (IC’s) combined with algorithmic management software that intelligently applies EVchip’s concepts of SmartLoad™ and DynamicPower™.


SmartLoad™ is EVchip’s intelligent management of the battery pack during charging and discharging to reduce wear-out and increase longevity. It works by monitoring and controlling each cell through EVchip's proprietary 3D switching grid. Once connected to the grid, each cell is momentarily switched off and an accurate state of health and state of charge is acquired. 


If a cell reaches its limit of charge/discharge or thermal loading, EVchip switches the cell out of the circuit without neutrilizing the entire module. This allows the battery to safely utilize the maximum amount of its energy capacity during each cycle. By monitoring each cell, EVchip is also able to provide a truly accurate "fuel gauge" for the battery pack and in turn reduce the restrictive guard bands in current battery technology. 

Dynamic Power™


DynamicPower™ is EVchip’s ability to adapt battery architecture for optimized performance. It functions by dynamically adjusting the structure of the 3D battery switching grid to meet the pack’s evolving demands. This means the battery can maintain a lower internal resistance and in turn deliver a consistent and sustainable high current on demand. This is especially important for heavy loading applications such as electric powertrains and mobile computing.


EVchip’s DynamicPower™ also facilitates the serialization and parallelization of the battery architecture to create both AC and DC waveforms thus negating the need for an inverter. This provides massive advantages to the automotive, industrial and domestic battery markets where current technology necessitates large and expensive inverters.


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